As I write these notes and tell you of what God has been doing in our ministry over the past month, Connie and I are in Las Vega, Nevada. No, we are not here to throw money away but rather revival is what’s on our heart. Yesterday at Oasis Baptist Church, fifteen people trusted Christ for salvation including four married couples! We will be here tonight and tomorrow evening before returning home.

This has been a super busy month. The last Sunday of September, we were at our home church, Lavon Drive Baptist as reported in the last newsletter and then on Wednesday I spoke to the student ministry at Lavon Drive. I have grandchildren who are in this group. Two young men trusted Christ.

The following Sunday, we  were in Lake City, Florida. In the morning, we were at Parkview Baptist for two services. This was our first time to be with Pastor Mike Tatem and the people of Parkview and eleven people called on Jesus name for salvation.

On Sunday evening, we were at Hopeful Baptist. This was our fourth time to be with Pastor Rodney Baker. I preached from Hosea 4 concerning how God deals with nations. As I am writing these notes Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the East coast. America has had many catastrophes in the past twenty-five plus years. I believe God is trying to say something to America! It is time to wake up and return to the God of my fathers.

On October 14th, we were in Raleigh, North Carolina at Mid-Way Baptist Church. I have preached for Pastor Larry Upchurch numerous times and we always have great meetings. This one was no exception and we saw twenty-one people trust Christ and there were scores of other important decisions made.

On Thursday, October 18, Connie and I flew to Toronto, Canada and then drove 3 hours in a hard rain to Rochester, New York. As many of you know I don’t fly on small airplanes, primarily for safety reasons. They say it’s almost impossible to build a bible believing church in northeast however, Pastor George Grace and the people of First Bible Baptist in Rochester do not believe that. There was close to 2000 people on Sunday morning. I spoke at their Christian academy, a men’s conference and all day Sunday for a total of six sermons. Sixty-two people prayed to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and fourteen men surrendered to preach the gospel!! Glory to God!

After the Sunday evening service, we drove back to Toronto getting to our room at 11 pm with a 4:30 am wake up call. We flew to Dallas and then I flew on to Orlando to speak at a God and Country event in The Villages, Florida. This was a rally to get people out to vote and burdened for America.

On Thursday, I spoke in a similar meeting in Pensacola, Florida. These two events were sponsored by Vision America. I have served on the board of Vision America for several years. Rick Scarborough and his team are making a big difference for good in America.

Thank you for praying and standing with us in these difficult days. Your support is more important than ever. God bless you!  Tim