I want to take a moment to thank all of our Patriotic Partners for being such a tremendous help and blessing to Tim Lee Ministries. There are Patriotic Partners that I may have only met once, yet because of their giving and sending in prayer requests I feel as though we have become close friends. I wish I could sit down with each of you individually or get all of us in a big room so I could tell you how much you mean to me. Since that is not possible, please accept my heartfelt gratitude and thank you for being “family” to us.

The Lord continues to open amazing doors for Tim Lee Ministries. At the end of February, we had some special events. On Wednesday evening, February 25th, I spoke at Orchard Hills Baptist Church here in Garland, Texas. This church is located about 2 miles from our office. On this Wednesday evening, eleven people called upon the name of the Lord for salvation!

Friday, February 27th, I spoke at a Mens Wild Beast Feast in Chelsea, Alabama, just outside of Birmingham. With the building jam packed with over 500 men, the Lord blessed in a great way with thirty-four men calling on the name of the Lord for salvation! Nathan Smith, a 91 year old Marine set beside me on the front row. Seventy years earlier, almost to the day, he was fighting in one of the bloodiest battles of WW II at Iwo Jima. He is a man of God and did four landings in the South Pacific during WW II and was shot on day three at Iwo Jima.

On Sunday, March 1st, we were at Lakewood Baptist Church in Irving, Texas with Pastor Todd Dunn. We had some horrible winter weather in the DFW area, yet the people still showed up. We had a great crowd and a wonderful spirit. At the invitation, the altar was full and seven people came for salvation!

On March 6th, I preached at the Ironmen Conference in Glen Rose, Texas, where 500 men had gathered to worship Jesus. It is meetings like this that gives me some hope that America can be changed. America will not be changed by politicians in Washington DC but by men standing and living for Jesus! Tweny-five men came for salvation and the altars were packed with men broken for revival in their own lives.

On Sunday, March the 8th, I was with my longtime friend Pastor Phil Martin at Metro Baptist Church in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Phil and Beverly have been precious friends to Connie and me for forty years. Eighteen came for salvation and there were many others for baptism and church membership. On this day, I also celebrated my 44th “Life Day.” It was on March the 8th, 1971 that I stepped on that land mine in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. On that day, God spared my life and I am forever grateful that He called me to the work of an Evangelist.

On Thursday, March 12th I preached at Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia. This is a strong college with about 1,600 students and is led by Dr. Emir Caner who is a friend to this evangelist I preached on “Commitment” and there was a great response when we had the invitation.

On March 15th, I preached at Calvary Baptist in Joplin, Missouri. This was our first time to be with Pastor Brad Graves and the good people of Calvary. We had great attendance with twenty-three coming for salvation. On Sunday evening, twelve other churches joined Calvary in a special service and the building was full. On May 22, 2011, a Category 5 tornado struck Joplin killing 158 people and leaving behind unbelievable devastation. The Christian community led the efforts of rebuilding and putting lives back together and Calvary Baptist helped to lead the way.

Sunday, March 22nd, we were in Cayce, South Carolina at the Gantt Street Baptist Church. It had been several years since we were last with Pastor Gene Rowell. This church is a strong church and has grown over the years. There were eleven people who came for salvation and many other decisions were made as well.

The last Sunday of March, we were in Siler City, North Carolina at Community Baptist Church. This was our first time to be with Pastor Mark Agan. The building was packed and the Lord blessed with twelve coming for salvation including eight adult men and the altars were full in both services with people praying for revival and burdened for the lost of the community.

Please continue to pray and support us as we keep on keeping on. We love and appreciate you!