Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I write this today.  As we were getting ready to print this newsletter, we received word that my dear friend, Ergun Caner and his wife, Jill suffered a tremendous loss.  Their 16 year old son, Braxton passed away very suddenly.  Please be praying for Ergun, Jill and their other son, Drake during this time.
Last month, I asked you all to be in prayer for my mother who was having some health issues.  I am so pleased to report that she’s doing so much better and she is nearly fully recovered! Praise the Lord!

The first Sunday in July, we were at Mobberly Baptist Church in Longview, Texas, with pastor Glyn Stone. They have an 1,100 seat auditorium and there were people everywhere. They have three Sunday morning services and the building was full for each service. They had a strong patriotic God and Country emphasis and it was very powerful. Fifty-six people called upon the name of the Lord for salvation with scores of other decisions being made also.

On Sunday morning, July 13th, I preached at Worth Baptist Church in Ft Worth, Texas. My three granddaughters, Emma, Ally and Sara went with me and we had a great time.  I have been at this church on numerous occasions. Pastor Willie Weaver and the folks of Worth are precious friends. The Lord blessed with a great service. Twelve were saved and there were many other decisions as well.

On Monday, July 14th, we began our 21st annual Youth Alive conference.  For the past five years we have held our conference at Camp WOW in Stuart, Oklahoma. Often it is extremely hot there but this year the Lord blessed us with day time temperatures in the 60s & 70s!

We had 500 students attend plus our volunteers and staff. We can nearly always count on having some problems simply because teenagers will be teenagers. (Remember your teenage years?) This year had to be one of our best camps ever and it was due in a large part of the great teenagers who attended. We had approximately 70 young people who trusted Jesus for salvation and 16 young men that surrendered to preach the gospel and countless scores of other decisions. It truly was a Jesus week! Thank you for giving and for praying.

Most years I go back on the road to other meetings to preach but this year we took the 2 weeks after Youth Alive off and stayed at home. I still went to the office nearly every day but tried to relax and take it easy so we will be ready to go back on the road.

By the time you receive this our next event at Parris Island, South Carolina with the Marine recruits will have already taken place. We have numerous others scheduled. Please pray for the finances of these meetings. It takes between $19,000 and $20,000 for each event and that does not count the fact that there are no love offerings or product sales.

Please keep praying and keep looking up. JESUS COULD COME ANY DAY!