It seems about every day I hear of a friend who is going through a trial. Just recently Connie and I lost two precious friends. Virginia Collier, wife of Pastor John Collier of Parkview Baptist Church in Waco, Texas went to heaven on January 7th. She had been sick for sometime but nevertheless it was still a shock when we heard the news. The Colliers have been dear friends for nearly 40 years. The next day Pastor Richard White of Mercy Church in Baton Rogue, Louisiana died suddenly of a stroke. I preached at Mercy Church last year on Easter Sunday. Again Richard and Pam White have been dear friends for many years. Please look at our prayer list in this issue and please pray for the needs of so many.

On the first Sunday of the new year, we where in Asheville, North Carolina with the precious folks of Trinity Baptist Church and Pastor Ralph Sexton. This church has supported Tim Lee Ministries for many years and Ralph is a wonderful friend to this evangelist. There were ten people who trusted Christ and many others made important decisions in both the morning and evening services.

On Saturday and Sunday January 10-11, we were at Central Baptist in Deer Park, Texas with Pastor Tim Dunn. I have preached at Central Baptist on numerous occasions. Andy Pettitte, five times World Series Champion with the New York Yankees, also spoke at this event sharing his testimony. It was awesome! Forty-two people called on the name of Jesus for salvation!! Many other people came for baptism and church membership.

On January 13th, a full camera crew came to our home in Rowlett, Texas to film a special interview for the 700 Club. The air date is going to be February 9th. You might want to share that information with others.

On January 18th, we returned to South Jefferson Baptist Church in Mt Pleasant, Texas. Pastor Tommy Oglesby and his wife Risa have also been precious friends for so many years. This is a great church and the building was packed Sunday morning and almost full on Sunday evening. There were a total of seventeen who came for salvation and the altars were full of others making important decisions.

On Friday, January 23rd, I had the privilege to preaching Convocation at Liberty University. Liberty is the largest Christian University in the world. With their online students they far exceed a total of over 100,000 students The Vines Center will hold 11,000 and it was packed to capacity when I spoke. God blessed in a great way. Dr Jerry Falwell asked me to serve on the Liberty University Board of Trustees and I have served in that capacity since 1991. They are in the process of completing over $500,000,000 worth of building projects and the school continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

The last Sunday of the month, we were in Shreveport, Louisiana at two different churches. Sunday morning we were at Summer Grove Baptist Church. This was our first time to be with Pastor Aaron Burgner and the people of Summer Grove. It is a great church and the Lord blessed in a great way! Nineteen souls called on the name of the Lord for salvation and there were scores of other decisions as well.

Sunday evening we had the privilege to return to Rose Park Baptist Church in Shreveport. This church has been pastored by Rocky Maddox for 30 years! The building on Sunday evening was full to capacity and there was an awesome spirit making it easy to preach. Six people called on Jesus for salvation.

Please look over our schedule If we are in your area I would love to see you. Even if we have met before please remind me that you are a part of our Patriotic Partner family.

Our next Marine event at Parris Island is February 8th. Please pray pray pray!!