Dear Friends and Supporters of Tim Lee Ministries,

In the fall of 1978 I resigned the church I was pastoring in southern Illinois and on January 1st, 1979 my family and I entered the exciting ministry of being a full time evangelist. I am so grateful the Lord called me to this ministry. I am grateful for my family who has been with me along this great ride. My wife Connie travels with me nearly every trip and assists me and all three of our children help in our ministry. This is not only a faith ministry but also a family ministry. We have some churches and Patriotic Partners who have prayed for us and supported us almost from the very beginning. It is with sincere gratitude when I say thank you. It would be impossible to do this without all of you helping and praying.

I mentioned that our youngest daughter, Amber, was getting married on November 29th. It was a beautiful wedding. I am so grateful the Lord brought Jonathan Livesay into her life at His timing. Please join me in praying for Amber and Jonathan as they begin this new journey with each other and the Lord.

The wedding was on Saturday evening and on Sunday I preached for my good friend, Pastor Clark Bosher, in Aledo,Texas. I was drained from the wedding, but I still had to preach four times on Sunday! The Lord gave me strength and God blessed in a powerful way. There were fifteen people who came for salvation and many others who came for baptism and to join the church. After praying and believing it was God’s will, Connie and I also moved our church membership to Willow Park Baptist Church and Clark Bosher is now our new pastor!

On Sunday, December 13th, we were in Warner Robins, Georgia, at Southside Baptist Church with my close friend, Pastor Jerry Walls. This is truly one of the great churches in America. The folks had worked and prayed hard. There were scores of visitors including nearly an entire football team from a large 5A high school who, on the Friday night before had won the Georgia State Championship. It was truly an anointed day with 196 people coming for salvation!! The altars were jammed packed and many more came for baptism and church membership. It was one of the best days in a local church that we have had in the past 36 years! To God be the glory.

On the last Sunday of the year we returned to Trinity Baptist Church in Saginaw, Texas, to be with Pastor Kyle Densmore. This has turned into an annual event. We enjoy doing this meeting as it’s only an hour drive from our house. All six of our grandchildren went with us. There were eleven people who called upon the name of Jesus for salvation and many more decisions as well. It was a great way to finish out our itinerary for 2014.

Please take the time to look over our prayer requests this month. Many people are hurting and need our patriotic Partners to pray for and encourage them.

I hope and pray that this coming year will be a great year for you and your family. I love and appreciate you. Tim