With (most of) the TLM Board
From L to R: Gordon Godfrey, Tony & Chris Alford, Connie & Tim Lee, Jerry Walls, Gaylord Rush, Joe Myers

I want to share with you a great statement that I heard recently, ” You don’t have to go to heaven and you don’t have to go to hell, but you can’t stay here forever.” We all are going to spend eternity somewhere, either Heaven or hell.  I am ready for Heaven however I want to take a lot of others with me. The fields are white unto harvest. We need others to help us with the harvest!

Marcus Pointe Baptist Church; Pensacola, FL
The first Sunday of February we were in Pensacola, Florida at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church. I have been good friends with Pastor Gordon Godfrey for many years. The first time I was at this church they had around 100 in attendance. Now they regularly have 1500-1800 in attendance. They had worked hard to have visitors present for this special Sunday and their effort paid off. When the invitation was given the altars were flooded and in the two services over 100 came for salvation tons of others came for baptism and to join the church and others to just get their lives right with God.

Kerwin Baptist Church; Kernersville, NC
February 10-12 we were at Kerwin Baptist Church in Kernersville, North Carolina. For fifty years, Pastor Joe Myers led this great church, then last year he stepped aside and Daniel Hawtree became the pastor. The church has done remarkably well with the transition.  We had great crowds and six came for salvation and there were numerous other commitments made as well.  Pastor Hawtree’s mother, Pat, wife of evangelist Dan Hawtree had been very ill. We were able to visit with her for a little while when we were in Kernersville. She went home to be with the Lord on Friday, February 22.

On a brighter note, on Tuesday of the meeting at Kerwin, our Board of Directors at TLM totally surprised us by showing up. They had come to celebrate our 40 years in the ministry and the start of our 35th year as an evangelist. Connie and I were blown away. They gave us a special award and a substantial monetary gift for our ministry to commemorate our 40 plus years in the gospel ministry. It is with heart felt gratitude that we say thank to our Board Members of Tim Lee Ministries.

Spring Hill Baptist Church; Spring Hill, FL
On Sunday, February 17th we were in services at Spring Hill Baptist Church in Spring Hill, Florida. This was our third time to be with Pastor Ray Rouse and these great people.  It was a wonderful day with ten coming for salvation and scores of others committing to make decisions for the Lord.

Prestonwood Baptist Church; Plano, TX

On Friday, February 22nd I had the privilege to preach at Prestonwood’s Men’s Conference at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas  There were more than 3,500 men in attendance.  It was awesome to hear thousands of men singing praise and worship to the King of Kings with hands lifted high. Former Congressman JC Watts spoke before me and then a video appearance by the newest Texas Ranger baseball player, Lance Berkman gave his testimony and it was dynamic. The Lord blessed me with unusual liberty As I preached on “Whats Your Story.” Pastor Ken Whitten brought the final message on Friday night and God spoke to us all! It was a powerful weekend.

Aurora Baptist Church, Aurora, TX
On the last Sunday of February, I preached for my good friend Pastor Jimmy Withers at Aurora Baptist Church. The building was full and there was a spirit of brokenness before I even got to the pulpit. Eight came for salvation and scores of others for many different reasons. The Lord blessed in a powerful way.

Thank you for praying and for investing. We need you to stand tall and strong with us in these last days. We are and will continue to make a difference if we march on together!