This past month has been an exciting one for our family.  Our youngest daughter, Amber Michelle got engaged to a great man on July 30.  Wedding planning has begun and is in full swing.  Please be in prayer for Amber and Jonathan as they enter into this new phase of life.

I continue to be amazed at how God has opened these doors to our United States Marine recruits. In this day, when it seems like the world is falling apart and Christianity is being attacked in America and abroad, for us to be able to go through these doors is nothing short of a modern day miracle! I want to thank you for continuing to pray and help support these special meetings.

On Sunday, August 3rd, we held our 5th event at MCRD Parris Island South Carolina. It was our largest crowd of recruits with more than 4000 in attendance. We had an almost two hour service with my friend Marc Ivey and his worship team leading us in singing songs of worship and praise. Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida and Pastor Tom Messer sends us their “A” team to run our sound system and to lead us in worship. They have been a part of every single event at Parris island and I must tell you they do an OUTSTANDING job!!  I had several special guests with me. This was my wife, Connie’s first time to be able to go with me but she said it wouldn’t  be her last. Then I had two special marines with me. Lee Gore and Earl Lewis. They were both with me the day I was hit in Vietnam. This was the first time they had seen each other in over 43 years. You can imagine the emotional reunion. As I gave my testimony to the recruits, when I got to the part of my story that talks about Lee Gore and Earl Lewis I introduced them to the crowd and you could see the shock on the faces of the recruits.  Heres the best part. When I gave the invitation, conservatively 1600 recruits walked out of their seats and came forward to call upon the name of Jesus for salvation!!! We will be back at Parris Island one more time this year and four more times in 2015. We need prayers and support.

On Sunday evening, August 3rd, I preached at Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville, Florida for my good friend, Pastor Tom Messer.  There were several that came for salvation. After the service we were able to enjoy fellowship with Pastor and Mrs. Tom Messer and missionaries Ed and Bonnie Gibson.  Precious folks!

On August 9-10, I preached at Mars Hill Baptist Church in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. This was our first time to be with pastor Mickey Brackin, The Saturday event was a mens meeting. Joining me on Saturday morning was Sid Bream who played baseball with the Atlanta Braves. He gave a powerful testimony. In the mens meeting and the services on Sunday morning there was a total of 74 who came for salvation!!

On Sunday evening, we drove a few miles across the Alabama border to preach at the Wooley Springs Baptist Church. This was also our first time to be with Pastor Tony Boyles. The building was jam packed  on Sunday evening and 22 came for salvation!

On August 17th, we were in Kansas City, Kansas at Haven Baptist Church.  This was also our first time to be with this church. Pastor Don Andrews had done a great job leading his people for this special day.  Each year we try to include 3-5 small churches on our itinerary. My dad always pastored smaller rural area church and did so faithfully for almost 60 years! The churches I pastored were small rural churches. I have been privileged to preach in some of the largest churches in America but I don’t want to forget my roots. Haven Baptist averages 150 on Sunday morning but for this special event they had 276. Thirty-nine people called upon the name of the Lord for salvation!

Our last meeting for our Patriotic Partner report this month was another small church meting. We were  at Glazier Peau Baptist Church outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas. This was our first time to be with this church although they have been supporting our ministry monthly for some time. Pastor Carl Horne just had open heart surgery 2 weeks earlier but was still there on Sunday morning. Pastor Bill Butcher pastored the Grace Baptist Church in St Charles, Missouri for over 20 years. I preached for him on numerous occasions. He and his wife have retired to Hot Springs and are members of Galzier Peau. He helped to put together this meeting. For a church that averages 50 on Sunday they had almost 150 on this day! Nine people made professions of faith.

It has been a glorious month. Please continue to pray for one another. We have a lot of hurting people in our Patriotic Partner family. Long time friend to TLM, Pastor Gary Favor just had open heart surgery and needs our prayers. Virginia Collier, wife of Pastor John Collier, friends for almost 40 years is in need of our prayers. There are many others as well.

I love and appreciate each of you!